Domain Names 1

Instructions for domain transfers, setup information, etc.

Email - Send & Receive 10

Problems with Sending and Receiving Email

Email - Setup 3

Instructions for setting up your mail client.

Hand Held Devices 2

Configuring Hand Held Devices for Smile Email

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Customer IPs and Blocklists *NOTE: This content was originally copied from Road Runner's...

 Spam Filtering and Graylisting

NON-CUSTOMERS: If you arrived at this page after receiving an e-mail rejection notification...

 Receiving bounce message 553 when sending mail

Normally this error occurs when a user isn't authorized to send through the Smile mail servers....

 Error Receiving Mail in Outlook

There are some settings that could cause receiving mail problems in Outlook.   Before you...

 Can't Send Email

  -- Make sure your internet is connected.  If you're able to get to different web...

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