Duplicate emails

We are currently investigating reports of duplicate emails. We hope to have a resolution for this later this evening. Thank you for your patience, Smile Global

12th Mar 2016
Server Outage due to power issues at Datacenter

We experienced a power outage at the datacenter sometime after 4:30AM PST today, which brought down a number of critical servers. Fortunately, DNS and Web hosting have not been hit very hard with this issue due to the redundancies we have put in-place. However, the hosts that did not come back up after the outage or have required manual ... Ler Mais »

10th Mar 2016
Happy New Year! Exciting things in the works for 2016!

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Stay posted for some cool new projects coming up in Q1

1st Jan 2016
Billing System Maintenance + Upgrade

Good news, folks! Smile has upgraded our billing system to the latest version, and rolled out a new look to our client area. This is more of a temporary face-lift while we continue to update things on the backend and prepare for the launch of our new unified website.

6th Set 2015
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